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Paul Finch off american pie
was that stiflers mum?
by goats anon January 17, 2004
The best guy in the american pie series.
Hates paul finch cos he fukd his mum. People things his mums a MILF (mutha id like 2 fuk.
also see Finch
Finch "Was that who i thing it was"
Stifler " Eat shit shit break"
by goats anon January 17, 2004
Its a better way of sayn mazda. just swap the letters round and then ay got a madaz instead of a mazda.
Daniel " yo keegan my 323 ass rape ya honda city dogg"
by goats anon January 17, 2004
Crusaders - best team in the super 12- based in Christchurch New Zealand
Man did you see the crusaders game 2day?

They kicked the highlander ass man
by Goats anon January 16, 2004
PPR - a place of importance
enough said
Nuts "Hey Pad meet you at PPR"
Pad "Fo' shizzle my nizzle"
by goats anon January 16, 2004
Baby Face - pronounced BIF

a guy who looks like a baby even though they should be a man
Daniel "Have you seen Philip lateley?hes 19 and he doesnt shave

Greeny "he still looks like he does the day he was born"

Keegan "He suffers from some sort of anti puberty disease or something aye"

Pad "What a baby face man"
by Goats anon January 16, 2004
when you cant get it up. When nothing seems to arouse you apart from boys.
Daniel " i just cant get it up! i mean this is some goos chick porn...i think im goin nutty..."
by goats anon January 17, 2004
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