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when no just isn't enough
inmate 1: Why you here?
inmate 2: My girlfriend broke up with me so I followed her around for a year or so.
inmate 1: What did they charge you with?
inmate 2: stalking
by goatcheese June 12, 2004
a real trashy girl who would be hot in a dark room with a stage, pole, loud music and flashing lights in it.
Man, that girl is stripper fine!
by goatcheese June 12, 2004
an individual that would do anything for crack.
I just bought a brand new car from this geekmonster, $20 for a Mercedes, not bad.
by goatcheese June 14, 2004
someone who loves doo-doo feces
If you go to ratemypoo.com, you are a fecalmanic.
by goatcheese June 14, 2004
a gnarly pussy that looks like roast beef is dangling from
Most girls on sublime directory have pussys that look like blown out tractor tires.
by goatcheese June 12, 2004
to put your wristwatch and wedding ring on a girls hand while she gives you a hand job therefore looking like you are doing it; a way to get around cheating on your spouse.
wife: you promise you didn't cheat on me on your business trip?
husband: yes, I promise.
(next day at work, after story is told around the office)
husband: no I don't feel bad, thank God for the singapore swap!
by goatcheese June 12, 2004
1. the funnest place on earth
2. a place to go to beat your children
I love to go to Walmart and watch single mothers beat their children.
by goatcheese June 06, 2004
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