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3 definitions by goat mcgoats

1. A homosexual
2. Someone that like it in the butt.
3. Someone who just got pwnt.
"haha john, you just got owned, you psiphaser"
by goat mcgoats April 25, 2007
In One Word: aubz
A wingerdinger is a person who is loud, vague, and always says something when you don't want them to.
"aubz you wingerdinger"
"lol, that wingerdinger aubz.."
"aubz, shut it, quit being a wingerdinger"
by goat mcgoats April 03, 2007
A really really cool person commonly known for everything to be known for.
"lol, nice seamonk"
"Seamonk is so cool"
by goat mcgoats April 11, 2007