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The last phase of alcoholic consumption that narrowly preceeds death and comes after ishmade. If an individual is lashmade, the MUST stop drinking, because their next drink is likely to kill them.
Jeff would have lived through Spring Break if he'd stopped drinking when we told him we thought he was lashmade, but he insisted he was ok. After one more beer, he fell over, never to breathe another breath.
by goaliegreg05 March 09, 2008
Drinking so much the night before (generally having been ishmade or lashmade) that when you wake up, you can barely function, and when you walk around, you feel so bad that you look like a zombie.
(While walking around looking for a glass of water after a long night of drinking)
Dude 1: Hey, zombie, what'd you do last night? You look horrible!
Dude 2: Man, I drank soo much.. I can't wait to get rid of this horrible hangover.
by goaliegreg05 March 09, 2008
The final stage of drinking alcohol before an individual enters the deadly stage of lashmade. Ishmade is the most inebriated form of drunk. It is worse than smashed, trashed, hammered, shmammered, blitzed, or any other word of the type. If an individual becomes ishmade, they may become blacked-out, they may start vomitting, and they may start doing dumber things than they've ever done before.
Dude 1: I can't believe I ate a cat, jumped off a balcony, broke three beer bottles over my head, and don't remember any of it..
Dude 2: Yea, we were definitely ishmade last night man!
by goaliegreg05 March 09, 2008

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