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1 definition by go drink your haterrade

A place for men who like to have a good time while still concentrating on their studies. All "Hamsters" (a deurogatory term used by those who are jealous of our upstanding status as men and not boys) indulge on the weekends, and work hard during the week. If students don't do this, they are unable to stay in; and to be honest, Hampden-sydney men don't want them there.For those people who ostrasize H-SC for being rich, for the most part, it's true. But why be critical of being born into something. Ignorance is something that H-SC strives to cure. If people are offended by our staus and our confederate flags, it probably means that they are just to ignorant to get it in their heads that stereotyping people is just one more sign of the plague of ignorance that H-SC tries to cure. So if you dont like to have fun, hate getting ahead in life, strive to eliminate relationships based on pure assumptions, or feel the need to compensate for one's own shortcomings by degrading and being condescending to others, HS-C is not for you.
Hater 1:Hey those HS-C guys are lame, Let's go snort lysol and pass out. Hater 2:That sounds like fun.Hater 1: It can't be nearly as much fun as drinking beer and hanging out with our girlfriends, which is surely what those Hampden-Sydney guys are doing right now.
by go drink your haterrade October 09, 2006