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3 definitions by gnus child

The art of removing pikeys from one's property and the surrounding areas preferably and generally violent in nature.
Person 1:Some pikeys are residing in the drawing room, old chap.
Pikeys:Oi,Oi!! Gimme your wallet or I'll nife ya. Innit!
Person 2: Would you care to partake in some pikey bashing?
Person 1:Indeed,my old bean, I would.
by gnus child June 02, 2005
30 5
A homosexual often rempant in nature.
person 1: Ross seemed gay to me.
person 2: yeh, he was a total splenger.
by gnus child June 02, 2005
1 4
The confused state of having brains on your face, possibly due to a horrific disease or wounds to ones skull or to the skulls of others.
person 1:you so ugly you look like you have face brains.
brains splattering on your head as a result of a gunshot or unspecified wound.
by gnus child June 02, 2005
2 16