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180 definitions by gnostic1

n. A certain uniquely attractive flavor that football adds to the autumn.
Man, the atmosphere around here is dead gruesome. The world is bland ... bland I tell you!

Wait until next week. That is when the football seasoning is going to spice up your life.
by gnostic1 September 06, 2011
20 3
v. 1) employing ones wiles to rise to the top.

2) upper crust British catering, usually inedible.
1) Lemarette is the new shift manager! I thought I was good at katering but that fluffer must be masterful.

2) Two Earls died of explosive diarrhoea in the Royal enclosure at Ascot last week.

Only two? Sounds like the katering has finally improved.
by gnostic1 April 30, 2011
21 4
v. calculate without using actual statistics, facts, or reasoning; act in a Glen Beck-esque manner.
Check out the way Sarah Palin is beckoning in her speeches. I beckon she'll be president soon!

I beckon most NFL fans are overweight cheese doodlers.
by gnostic1 April 20, 2011
25 8
n. the layer of excess new humanity threatening to consume the earth's resources.
All these people twinsing and tripleting are creating a baby blanket that will cover the earth in spit-up and used diapers.
by gnostic1 April 09, 2011
26 9
n. the period between dawn and sunrise when party girls have to arise and find their way home.
Drive carefully this morning. It's still nebtime and the streets are awash with lohans.

What's the matter with you all coming in at nebtime like this! Wait'll I find my teeth so I can lecture you at length without covering you in spit.
by gnostic1 January 08, 2011
22 5
n. Absolute smallest length of time a condom can be worn for effective protection.

That right there was the condominimum!

Yeah. I thought it was a tiny length.
by gnostic1 December 19, 2011
19 3
n. The focus of the action; the place or trick to aim for or emulate. Originally an ice curling term for the rock the captain corn brooms but now widely used in the skate boarding world.

1) At this meeting we are going to hit the hammer rock so hard their power point will wreck!

2) Nice leapstand bro! But let's see you hit the hammer rock that Skatemark laid down yesterday
by gnostic1 November 09, 2011
19 3