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place. bulging village in Alberta, Canada with one conservative eye on the future, one even more conservative eye on the past, and a third eye, indicative of its growing Hindu population, on its soul.

Obtained from Cree indians in return for urgently needed medicine and future considerations the sparklingly clean town sits at the foot of Antler Hill from which the beckoning lights of Red Deer can be seen.

Cattle feed, cattle tack, cattle slaughtering, and, in fact, shops for all your cattle-related needs can be found in the village, which elects a Cattle Princess every year to march in the Bovine Industry Parade each July 14.

A local zoo has supplied many animals to the american film industry. "Borat", for example used twin Innisfail bears to play one regular bear.

"Brokeback Mountain" , which required scenes of desolation and a certain look to its cowboys, was filmed near Innisfail.

Tourism is still in its infancy but a hostelry is slated to open in the fall of 2014 and an information kiosk is planned next to the highway.

Isn't Innisfail a beautiful medieval city nestled in the breathtaking mountains?

You're thinking of the Innisfail in Scotland. This is the one with all the doleful cattle.
by gnostic1 July 01, 2011
1) v. initially a skateboarding term meaning to employ all of one's super tricks in a grand display of prowess: now, by extension, it means to use all of one's resources to accomplish any task or display ones dexterity or intelligence.

2) v. when said by a pimp it means to obtain the earnings of one's prostitute.
Radical leapstand bro! But I am going to empty the trick bag and make you totally my wheelnut monkey.

When the Shriners are in town I have to empty the trick bags thrice nightly or the ladies are tempted to hide the shine.
by gnostic1 January 21, 2011
n. chick flick so awful, so totally full of Jennifer Anniston, that you wish a horde of army ants would gnaw off your leg to keep you awake and add some excitement to the evening.
Dude! How was your date last night?

Absolutely dreadful. We viewed, and here I'm totally going to pause for effect, a roam ants movie!

Did you at least get your bleeding stump licked?
by gnostic1 December 31, 2010
adj. Urban shorthand for incredible.
Mazing ride dude!

That steel be mazing! Word! That a 38?
by gnostic1 November 11, 2010
n. Protest march that turns into a riot.
Get your black balaclava and some bail money Dude; there's a protiot at the mosque site.

The protiot at Woodstck 3 was held after the music was over. How polite.
by Gnostic1 September 04, 2010
n. Accumulation of angst caused in non-Spanish soccer fans by Spain's dominance of recent international tournaments.

What did you think of the match in Kiev? Excellent footie or what!

Bah Humbug! More spain in the butt than I can stomach! Where's the panache? Tight waisted castenet banging bull killers!
by gnostic1 July 01, 2012
place. Amusingly named hamlet in Saskatchewan, Canada known as a waystop on the trail to Saskatoon and as the birthplace of four-a-side lassies ice curling. Aboriginal influences were never quite extinguished by the European influx thus Biggar retains a cross-cultural flair that attracts tourists, Scandanavian ethnographers and geneologists.

Grain farming and grain farming remain the primary industries although many music teachers work there, part-time nursing positions abound and the Adult Theatre Group has a steady audience for their original shows and endless Godspell adaptations.

"New York may be large and smelly, but Biggar isn't better!"

No. I don't think that should go up on the sign.

How about "New York is big ... but this is Biggar!"

That's better.
by gnostic1 February 07, 2012

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