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It is when you are talking on msn with someone but they are not responding back. They are doing their best to ignore you.
Hey man why are you being so msn-emo? I can't negotiate what I want with you anymore. Everything just leads to your own affinity for nescience.
by gnomes-G October 23, 2005
taking your chances whilst smoking.
That guy just smoked a whole pack o' cigarettes in one day and it didn't affect him one bit. He has been smoking the same rate for 7 years straight, you would think he would surely be dead of cancer by now. guy 2: jesus what a shit-shoot!
by gnomes-g November 17, 2005
It is when you say something really funny to someone either to dis them or just for the sake of telling jokes.
Hey mikey boy you can't get more white than a pair of white pants, and your army strut, boy! You are like the biggest white joke.
by gnomes-g October 27, 2005
A little munchkin dog that bites your well panted legs.
Yo fo shizzel homes this dog is one wild cretin, he aint nothing but a poor mans snappa .
by gnomes-g October 26, 2005

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