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2 definitions by gnase

Originally set to be the tenth planet from the Sun, Eris's discovery in 2003 led to the ousting of Pluto. Eris (EE-ris) is named after the Greek Goddess of discord and strife, who started a dispute that led to the Trojan war because she was not invited to a wedding. Eris is now the 3rd dwarf planet from the Sun. Three times as far outside Pluto and slightly larger, Eris also has a moon, Dysnomia.
1. Eris was named 2003 UB313 until its classification.
2. Eris was named so because its discovery caused much strife and discord.
by gnase October 04, 2006
49 11
A secondary category of planets, but not actually. Dwarf planets are bodies of rock that orbit the Sun and are too small to classify as a planet. The Dwarf planets in our solar system as of this definition are Ceres, Pluto, and Eris.
1. Pluto was a planet until the discovery of a bunch of objects about its size brought it down to dwarf planet. All those bodies will soon be dwarf planets.
by gnase October 04, 2006
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