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One who pleasures themselves to pictures and or movies of World of Warcraft
Hey Jon did you hear, Billy's old lady is a "WoW Wacker"
by gn4hir September 11, 2008
When one cums up a girls nose, and which causes the woman to open her mouth to breath, and at which point you shove you dick into her mouth chocking her.
Oh, man Bill last night i gave Shelly the Silver Strangler, and she was none to happy.
by gn4hir April 04, 2008
the act doing nothing at all but a girl falling for you; putting you in a tough spot....
Man that girl is all over you, tell me about and I didn't do anything to lead her on she just fell for me...Dude you got casanova syndrome not cool man
by gn4hir October 05, 2009
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