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Another spelling of Pieracci. Please see Pieracci for definition.
Tom Pearmanchi likes your Mom.
by GM March 18, 2005
Somebody who waxes (mastubates) alot and other people for a price.
michael is such a wax merchant, and he only charges 19.95
by GM September 10, 2003
vagina, cunt, pussy, minge
only girls have a screaming monkey
by gm February 18, 2005
To give hand relief while wearing ermine trimmed gloves.
Pete felt like the queen when he got a damn good stoating.
by GM January 02, 2005
The worst Final Fantasy Game ever. It was made for nerds who didnt have any masturbation material or for people with no total life. The story sucked and i wish that i did not buy that game.
im gonna kill the guy that made FFX2
by GM March 15, 2005
To masturbate
While walking in the park one day, I waxed my johnny
by GM July 30, 2003
Instead of sayin fuck.
Where the Futch is he?
by GM April 30, 2004

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