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22 definitions by gm

Somebody who waxes (mastubates) alot and other people for a price.
michael is such a wax merchant, and he only charges 19.95
by GM September 10, 2003
0 2
Another spelling of Pieracci. Please see Pieracci for definition.
Tom Pearmanchi likes your Mom.
by GM March 18, 2005
0 3
vagina, cunt, pussy, minge
only girls have a screaming monkey
by gm February 18, 2005
9 19
To give hand relief while wearing ermine trimmed gloves.
Pete felt like the queen when he got a damn good stoating.
by GM January 02, 2005
9 20
The worst Final Fantasy Game ever. It was made for nerds who didnt have any masturbation material or for people with no total life. The story sucked and i wish that i did not buy that game.
im gonna kill the guy that made FFX2
by GM March 15, 2005
55 69
To masturbate
While walking in the park one day, I waxed my johnny
by GM July 30, 2003
31 72
Instead of sayin fuck.
Where the Futch is he?
by GM April 30, 2004
18 94