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The temporary state of bliss/embarrassment that one gets immediately after paying for gas with ONLY change.
*high schooler pulls out baggie full of change* : "ey bro, i just counted this...can i get 4.79 on 1....sorry about the change...ey, can you toss this baggie? sorry bro, sorry"

drives away fuelphoric.
by glozano January 23, 2011
DUDE WHAT is used by gamers all over the world. Typically used by online gamers because of the very fact they cannot pause the game. The subject is typically distracted by someone calling them on their cell phone, or their mom telling them that dinner is ready, or just an annoying friend. DUDE WHAT is typically a very abrupt phrase used immediately after the gamer dies because of the distraction. The gamer will use this phrase out of complete anger.
Friend: dude! check out this youtube video!
gamer: hold on! im leveling!
Friend: check it out! your gonna miss it! look! look! look!
*gamer dies*
gamer: DUDE WHAT!? ive already seen that video!!!!!
friend: dang.....i gotta go......
by glozano June 03, 2011

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