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5 definitions by gloria

Abbreviation of breakfast.
Couldn't be arsed to eat brekkie this morning
by gloria January 17, 2005
259 49
beautiful islands destroyed by muslims. It was an Independent Country before
it was takin by force from Indonesia the corrupted muslim country.
by Gloria December 23, 2004
11 4
Moisty is a state that is reached due to eXtreme sexual stimulation. Moisty can also be used to describe the weather, if it is particually gluggy.
Oh stop it baby, you're making me moisty.
by Gloria April 08, 2005
6 18
A female that's easy or sleeps around a lot.
You'd better check your man cuz that breezy's all up on him.
by gloria October 19, 2002
112 168
A gutter is a place to get laid, that includes seepage after the fact.
Last night I seeped in a gutter.
by Gloria April 08, 2005
10 104