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2 definitions by global33

A large hole in the internet, lined with collector plates and Star Wars figurines, into which large amounts of money has fallen.
When George Bush woke up one morning and decided he might like his soul back, he logged onto eBay to see if anyone there had found it.
by global33 May 30, 2003
Small amount of urine that dribbles out of one's penis and onto one's underwear within moments of a post-urination sheathing of the penis. Immune to any of a variety of vigorous and/or embarassing shaking techniques.

It's derivation is that of a portmanteau between "prick" and "dribble."
I got a little pribble going on here, my friend, so I'm going to walk around the office a bit until it dries off.
by global33 May 29, 2003