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A girl between the age of fourteen and twenty. Her hair is either blonde, or half blonde (on top section on hair) and half black (on bottom section). She wears too much mascara and her eyelashes look like hairy spider leggs. They enjoy applying their makeup on in an excessive fashion. One of the more popular items of makeup used by Bro-hos is bronzer. Bronzer is a golden powder used on the face to enhance color. Bro-hos apply so much bronzer their faces look more of an orange color, and the rest of their skin is an orange color as well, but this is from excessive indoor tanning (a.k.a.:fake'n'bake)and also spray-on tanning methods. Bro-hos are commonley found wearing "trucker hats" (hats that have been made by surf companies that resemble the style of hat most truckers wear, but have been fashioned by the companies and sold extremely overpriced to bros and bro-hos alike. They do not carry purses but instead carry mini backpacks(preferably with little metal studs across them). Each of their ten fingers has some sort of ring on it, either being over-sized or over-priced. They like to wear oversized sweatpants with the elastics at the ankels cut off. most shoes owned by bro-hos are some kind of platform shoe ( mostly Rocket Dogg, but other svariations of shoes three to six inches tall). Instead of wearing a necklace bro ho's cut a piece of black ribbon and tie it around their necks like a choker. brohos drive lifted full size trucks that have custom rims and oversized tires all paid for by their fathers that spoil them to a fault. commonly use words such as: like, "oh my god", "totally", "for sures", "dude","bro","romp","dez".. etc.
"Duuuuuuuuuuuude Jays takin that slutty ass bro-ho with us to mike's party!! But only cuz shes gunna get drunk as fuck and hes gunna hit that shit!!
by glittermeup March 12, 2006
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