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1. A mental situation that occurs when one has to fight their natural urges, such as lust, leading to feelings of dismay.

2. Brain Bubbles also occur when someone attempts to mentally stave off the effects of drugs they have taken, such as LSD.
G: "Man, I totally want to bone Vanessa but she's off limits because she used to date my brother"
M: "Don't fight it dude; you'll get brain bubbles!"
by GLaz January 27, 2014
1. The Sunglasses used in the 1988 cult classic film 'They Live' to see through overt messages in advertising and such, and to see which people are actually people and which people are actually aliens.
2. To wear one's Hoffman Lenses is to view the world through the lenses of psychedelic drugs such as LSD (Albert Hofmann being the scientist who discovered LSD.)
3. A reggae-rock band from Vancouver.
G-"Ya reckon we'll put on our Hoffman Lenses this weekend?"
R-"Yeah, why not; I'll get some 'cid off Gerald later."
by GLaz February 18, 2014
1. A general placeholder word that can be used to replace any word you can't think of at the moment or don't feel like pronouncing.
2. A code word for something that two or more people know the meaning of but that they don't want other people overhearing the conversation to understand.
"Hey, uh, could you pass me the bag with the shlarb in it?" (winks)
"Yeah sure."

(In this case shlarb is being used as code for weed)
by GLaz April 05, 2014
The guttural sound a muzbot makes just before he presses the 'go' button on his explosive vest.
"Allah akbark, woof woof" went the barking koranimal just prior to blowing up a plane-load of terrified infidels.
by glaz November 02, 2007

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