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3 definitions by gladernie

Travel to exotic and/or expensive locations solely for the purpose of bragging about it when one returns home.
Elroy just got back from Amsterdam and wouldn't shut up about it. He went to Bangkok last year. He does a lot of vanity traveling.
by gladernie March 08, 2008
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A type of gynecomastia.

Saggy, full, outward-pointing boobs with a fold of skin between them, stretched horizontally over the sternum above a high, protruding belly. They resemble the boobs found on mass-produced Chinese Buddha statues.
Dude's got Buddha boobs! He needs to put a shirt on!
by gladernie March 25, 2008
6 2
Your personal (home) e-mail and/or e-mail address. Describes the e-mail address you give to your homeys and the mail you get from them. Not your worky mail address or the e-mail you receive at your work address.
Hoping to hear from that dude I met last week. I'm gonna check my homey mail and see if he wrote me.
by GladErnie July 16, 2005
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