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To make it to the last level of a game. To be considered at the peak of your game. To be the best/elite/powerful. Best and/or powerful items come from the EndGame.
In regards to MMO's, making it to EndGame is basically defeating the most difficult content provided. Player1, "I've never seen a sword with those high stats, you must be at EndGame".

Can also be used comparitively to career success.
by GIZAK September 22, 2005
Acronym for: Face Roll Keyboard
A scenario based term where a user on a computer is faced with a difficult or impossible task/situation, thus they place their face in the middle of their keyboard and roll it side to side.

FRK can also be used in a situation where a task is so easy, that you could roll your face on your keyboard to get the job done.

This term originated from MMO computer games.
"fighting hunters is pointless, all they do is kite. I might as well go FRK myself."

"Warlocks are so easy to play, you can FRK your way to 70 in a week!"
by gizak March 06, 2008
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