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2 definitions by give me thumbs up

A heterosexual "sex move/position" similar to 69 except where the male, on the bottom, normally would eat out the pussy of the female, he instead inserts an eggbeater(wire wisk) into the pussy and proceeds to crank it to the delight of his partner.
Alan tried this great new move on his gf. He called it the "crankshaft."
by give me thumbs up January 04, 2005
a word formerly defining the sex move where you take a girl and put her on her head with her backside facing toward you. You proceed to screw her up the ass. At this point in time, you shove a funnel in the vagina and proceed to pour a quart of motor oil down it. After the motor oil can is empty, and your about to blow your load, you remove the funnel and spew in the vagina. Next you use your fingers like a dipstick and mix up the mixture in a "cranking" motion. Enjoy!
This version only allows the female to enjoy once, so the working definition had to be changed...see above
by give me thumbs up January 05, 2005