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A) A nickname for a good friend of ours, who's name we won't tell because it might be embarassing +HI BOBO!!!!+
B) A thing on a woman's body (unbelievably there are actually 2 of them in most cases)that hurts like shit when it is kicked, punched, poked, pulled, or bitten.
A) HI BOOB!!! How's it going?

B) DAMN!!! Don't bite my boob again, it hurts like shit!!!!!
by giudizio August 01, 2003
A body part that isn't realli thought to be 'sexual' but realli is. I mean, what part of the body a) Does the licking, sucking and blowing. Not to mention the biting. Basically the mouth is another sex organ.
Get your mouth off my dick! STOP BITING ME BITCH!!!!
by giudizio August 01, 2003
what leah does to ross with her boobs.
"i'll smother you with your boobs again if you don't get off the phone ross", said leah.
by giudizio August 20, 2003
a substance that tastes like stewed penguins and comes out of a guys dick. Don't eat it. It a) tastes like stewed penguins and b) it's like eating shit. STICK WITH THE BLOW JOB ONLY!!!!
she only eats the cum of dead men. we love you nicki baby
by giudizio August 01, 2003

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