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A fugly bitch;
Someone who is a herb and will be a fucking bitch to the person who used to be the only one nice to him when he decides to stalk someone else. not only will he be a fucking bitch to that person, but he will also steal shit from that person just to make the fucktard he’s stalking happy.;
Someone who sucks small, dirty cocks.;
The dumbest person ever.;
A backstabbing bitch.;
A person who says they’re a guy, yet they seem to be dickless and gossip more than bitchiest girls I’ve ever met.
Person: Hi I’m new. How's Justin's personality like?
Person 2: Just like his name
Person: What do you mean?

Person 2: He’s a fucktard who backstabs the few people who are to him and treat them like shit. Then he goes to stalk people who hate him and have even bet him up in the past. I tried to be nice to him at one point because I felt bad and thought "Can someone really be that fucked up?" He proved me wrong though and I hate him with all my heart. I want to fuck him up so bad. Actually I’m not even sure if Justin is a 'he'. Our civilization would be a much better place if we did not consider him a human.’
by girlwhohatesjustin June 07, 2011

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