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4 definitions by girlslovepink

Something Austin Powers says when he gets hurt or slapped by a woman.
"Ouchie kibble. That hurt!"
by girlslovepink July 11, 2006
Slang term for when a girl gets pregnant.
Did hear that Becky was PG? She's only 14 though!
by girlslovepink July 02, 2006
A religion where the people that follow under it do not accept nor deny the existence of God or a greater being. Also who is tolerant of other people's religions.
I am an Agnostic, not a Christian, so I don't go to church, read the bible or believe in god.
by girlslovepink June 26, 2006
A person who fits both the physical characteristics or feels like they are both a male and female. Some androgyne's have both male and female parts, some don't.
Pete Burns, of the popular '80s band Dead or Alive, subsequently charged that fellow androgyne Boy George of Culture Club had merely stolen his outrageous image.
by girlslovepink July 11, 2006