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It's a vagina, fadge, flange, fanny, cunt, fanjita. etc.
Sadie has a bucket ((0)).
by GirlSkater April 12, 2004
What the hell?
He loves to bend spoons, why doesn't he just shove it up his ass!
Telepathic bastard.
Uri (in dumbass foreign/english voice) - how old is that dog? i think no i can sense that he is nine years old.
Some girl - The dog is three years old.
by GirlSkater January 30, 2004
A rap by Brandon DiCamillo on CKY2K.
Brandon and Bam were going to make it into a sigle but couldn't afford the singles fee.
"I'll kick you high into a tree, higher than you can kick me."
by GirlSkater April 10, 2004
I don't fancy him!
I'm not a spakered knob jock either!
i'm not a spaka.com!
by GirlSkater March 31, 2004
eminems "Next song". apparently, from D12 ft. Eminem - My Band.
My salsa makes all the girl take off their pants, my sal sa sla sa sal sal sal salsa. My salsa!
by GirlSkater April 07, 2004
A good tv show taking the piss out of celebrities.
See Avid Merrion.
"Proper Bo' I tell thee!."-Craaaaig Daaavid.
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
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