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A guy usually over obssessed with constantly working out. A doof who pries only on looking good and scoring with as many chicks as possible. Usually the likes of a college franternity, binge drinking, club hopping, egotystical maniac. Though may be easy on the eyes, this guy offers no personality to the table and has "one night stand" written all over him.
John's lack of personality and sexual promiscuity remind's me just how much of a meat head he is.
by girlnextdoorxjbx April 03, 2008
slang term for any sex, male or females, sexual arousal towards the opposite sex or same sex in which they are attracted to. For men, it's a literal term of course where the penis becomes physically stimulated and aroused. However, it can also be used in the sarcastic sense like for women, its a term or phrase meaning shes "hot" for a guy or "wants to do him badly".
The only reason why i let Stephen get away with being an asshole to me is because I still have a freak'n boner for him.
by girlnextdoorxjbx April 03, 2008
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