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1) A condition of lateral curvature of the spine, which may have just one curve or primary and secondary compensatory curves and be fixed with a brace. unless you dont wear the brace and your spine will be curved to 50 degrees or more and you will need surgery or it will hurt.

2) the thing that common teenager girls have

3) scoliosis is the thing that causes awkwardness in the PE locker room. however, you can just say punch me in the stomach hard to scare people

4)a resource you can use to ask questions about scoliosis is girl21star@gmail.com it helped me alot cuz know i can change my brace in the locker room...with less awkwardness...but yea pretty awkward
its awkward and uncomfortable. yet, you can get your spine straighten. lucky for me i found a girl with scoliosis too. so its not really a big deal
by girl21star January 15, 2010
the texting im soo obsessed with, i go on aim almost every day, conversation between two people, its really kewl, cuz you can IM. i just LOVE AIM!
ME: what the hell would i do without aim?
by girl21star November 23, 2009
a boy in my school. very gullible, dumb, and willing to do stuff you ask him to do. but when theres no one to talk to, i guess you can talk to him.
person 1: gino can you throw away my trash?
gino: umm...ok sure
by girl21star November 23, 2009
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