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Extremely wealthy town located on Long Island. The town is quite safe and beautiful, the people living there, however, are the most stuck-up human beings you can possibly imagine. Don't get me wrong, not the entire population of Garden City is like that. There are actually some awesome people who live there,but they are often referred to as 'loners', 'goths' or 'losers.' It's almost impossible to take a walk in Garden City and not come across a rich daddy's girl driving a brand new BMW carrying a Gucci or Coach handbag and sporting a pair of Christian Dior shades. The most popular trends in this town are preppy clothes such as Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren.
These rich teengers totally do not deserve all the wealth they posess because they do nothing but waste their parent's hard-earned money; they were merely lucky to be born into wealthy families, or families that appear to be rich. Few people in this town are actually as rich as they seem. They can afford those expensive luxuries only because their parents take out huge loans from the bank and are in gigantic debts hidden by a wealthy image.
Yes, many of these teenagers do get into Ivy League schools. But why? Because of their parents financial connections. There are people who work hard in school, but they are stereotyped as 'geeks' or 'nerds.'
The Garden City team happens to be named: you guessed it, the Trojans. Could it be more appropriate? It's no secret the kids there are, or desperately want to be sexually active. (For those of you unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, Trojan is also a brand of condoms.) The town is filled with sluts, whores, and guys who want to get into someone's pants, after all, it's almost what teens talk about all day long. Surprised?
The most popular sport in Garden City is lacrosse. The garden city teens claim to be insanely good at this sport, and think they can get into a great college, grow up to be professional athletes, when in reality they're nothing but mediocre.
When these lazy, free-loading teens grow up to be adults, they will probably either be living off the inheritance their parents left them or take over their parent's businesses and hire someone else to do the work while they sit around collecting the profit made from these businesses.
The bottom line is this: Garden City is a beautiful town, but they people living in it suck. I HATE THE PEOPLE THERE. Garden City is only a good place to raise your kisd if you want them to become useless free-loaders.
GC girl #1: O.M.G. My daddy is such a dick!
GC girl #2: What did he do?
GC girl #1: He got me a jaguar when I wanted a pink buggy! What a jerk!
GC girl #2: How could he do that?! That is so mean!
GC girl #1: I know! I never get ANYTHING I want!
GC girl #2: I know what you should do! Drive every car he gets you into a tree until he gets you the one you want!
GC girl #1: Great idea!
Normal Girl: Where are you girls from anyway?
Both GC Girls: Garden City
Normal Girl: Oh........That explains alot.
by girl123 June 17, 2007

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