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The lines you get on your hands from carrying heavy shopping bags.
Yeow! My hands hurt! Check out my bagmata!
by gingersmom July 04, 2009
is a file or project that consumes all of your time for very little gain, leaving you no time to do more profitable things. Often the people involved are whiny, needy complainers.
your coworker: I just got stuck drafting a will for the senior partner's grandmother.

you: Buddy, you have been given a desk eater.
by gingersmom July 04, 2009
What happens when you get in what you think is the shortest line at the grocery store, but it turns out to take the longest, usually because the person ahead of you needs a price check, or wants to chat to the cashier.
You: "I think this line is going to take the least time"

Your shopping buddy: "No, man, this one is shorter"

ten minutes later:

You: "Dude, we have been faux queued."
by gingersmom July 04, 2009
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