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Being sensitive doesn't mean that you're crying in the corner over nothing. It means to be aware of your emotions and being in touch with them.
Being sensitive is not a bad thing like some people think. It just means that you are aware, which is great ;)
by gingerbread gal July 08, 2011
The plural form of Sup Yo, asking two people what's up.
Rachel: Sup yoz?

Michael and Nathan: Nothing much, you?
by gingerbread gal July 08, 2011
A rubber thing that you out over a guy's penis so you don't get a disease or get pregnant. SMART IDEA, FREAK MIDGETS SUCK!
Girl: Heyyyyy baby, wanna have sex?? ................. without a condom? ;)

Boy: Aw, hell no bitch!! FREAK MIDGETS SUCK.
by gingerbread gal August 07, 2011
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