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whenever some one says something that sounds like they are making sexual refererences, without realizing it
DUDE 1 dude my bag is stuck in my locker help me yank it out
DUDE 2: cecil alert..

CHICK 1: you prop it open with your foot and i'll shove it in there

JEFREE STAR CLONE 1: dude! that thing is friggin huge! are you sure it will fit in there?
JEFREE STAR CLONE 2: stop making all these cecil alerts!
by ginger kids make me happy July 08, 2009
when one discovers something so obvious it's almost imposible to withold from pissing yourself with laughter

the bread on the outside of a corn dog

tastes just like corn bread!*


*thats b/c it is cornbread alix* ((alix is awesome by the way!!!!))

*really, omg! lets call that a corndog discovery*
by ginger kids make me happy July 08, 2009

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