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1. The hand used to smack your ho's around.

2. The ability to be a pimp who has control over his ho's and brings in mad money as a result.
1. "My hos know that they will get a strong pimp hand if they don't do as I say and bring me cold hard cash hourly."

2. "My pimp hand is strong, that's why I have all this gold jewelry and flashy clothes" - or - "My pimp hand is weak, and my ho's aren't representin'"
by gina November 20, 2003
A combination of both a morbidly obese person and a unusually large person, creating an obeefe person.
That girl at gameworks was not only obeefe, but smelled like a combination of dog and onion.
by Gina July 26, 2003
Bloud can be in the form of a verb, adjective, or noun depending on it's context in a sentence. In general the word means fat, slovenly, or lazy. A Bloud is a nasty, lazy fat person. To be "blouding around" is to be pushing your way around people like a big fat person would do. If you're "bloudy" you are fat and nasty.
Dude, stop being such a bloud.
Look at her, blouding around.
Those pants make you look bloudy.
by Gina February 24, 2005
A wonderful town in Ocean County, New Jersey. Near Toms River, Point Pleasant, and Seaside Heights. Second safest town in the country.
I'm from Brick, yo!
by Gina April 11, 2004
1. Eating all...
Yo Kenny, you betta get ya girl, she in the kitchen enall the food.
by Gina January 23, 2004
An annoyin little white girl it runs in the family]
Holly is such a jizette!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Gina April 25, 2004
a tobacco cigarette
"Man, I'm fiendin' for a square right now like some mad shit."
by Gina January 19, 2003

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