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1. A hott, sexy person which whom you are interested in banging.
2. Someone, usually of the female sex, that is known to give out harsh opinions... also known as a bitch.
1. Did you see that Cernyar walking down the hall? They were looking mighty fine.
2. Jeeze that person is such a Cernyar!!
by Gina November 01, 2004
very tight curled, unprocessed hair.
Shaniqua's hair is so kinky it takes 2 hours to comb every morning.
by Gina March 15, 2003
the area of skin between the testes and the anus
"Man, you smell like dodus."
by Gina January 19, 2003
Bloud can be in the form of a verb, adjective, or noun depending on it's context in a sentence. In general the word means fat, slovenly, or lazy. A Bloud is a nasty, lazy fat person. To be "blouding around" is to be pushing your way around people like a big fat person would do. If you're "bloudy" you are fat and nasty.
Dude, stop being such a bloud.
Look at her, blouding around.
Those pants make you look bloudy.
by Gina February 24, 2005
A squeeze, hug, and ruffling of fur.
(Over the phone), "Give your dog Spike a scruffle for me!"
by Gina October 22, 2004
Oops. I spelt it wrong in the last one. Squilla*
by Gina January 19, 2003
Used as a generic adjective such as: phcu, urg, huh, or what.
You ate a marble? Akahpuchaw!
by Gina March 07, 2005

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