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Israel institute of technology (or IIT). It's supposedly the equivalent of MIT in Israel.
most of the Technion undergrad students their will to live, because of the high standards and amount of studying required, and the demoralization from repeated failure.
Be that as it may, the Technion is considered the best institute for technology in Israel, and is among the best in the world. So what if most of the students develop white hair (!!!!) during their (three to) four years there?
Hila got in the Technion? That's great, but that means she probably won't have a life for the next four years...
by gilette June 08, 2006
The method that the heads of the Faculty of Mathematics at the Technion use to torture the first year students.
It's an 'innovative' way to submit calculus homework, without needing anyone to check them. The poor students get about 1-2 sheets of homework a week. They usually concentrate on this hw while neglecting the rest of their courses. Thus causing big gaps of understanding in those courses, not to mention on calculus since those homeworks don't really help, (nobody actually does all of them without cheating anyway).
-Did you here they published 2 more sheets in Mathnet?
-Oh shit, we just submitted 2 yesterday!
by gilette June 08, 2006

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