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the kinda person who loves you
awwwwwwww giles your such a giles,lets make out.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
I got kicked from habbo for selling cheats and stealing. WHAT A RIP!
Habbo guy: GIGGLES please leave.
by GIGGLES May 02, 2005
1. A remade steel product that is baaad to snort.
2. An illigal drug that brazillians take like sugar!
3. Short hand for coka-cola.
1. Whats that black round you nose?
2.Permite resfôlego algum cocaína!!
3. I tried to snort coke the other day, i got a ice cube stuck up my nose.
by GIGGLES May 03, 2005
Slang for the term to rap out a rhyme.
Man that fool can't spit shit.
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
a very popular dance in NJ that consists of a hard cock and a wet pussy engaging in hot sex while bouncing to a beat.
After a night of bumping and grinding at "BLACK", giggles wet pussy vise gripped around Mickey's waist as he lifted her off the bed. He drove his cock deep inside while bouncing to the beat when he realized that he was pie dancing.....
by giggles June 02, 2004
Slang for the pistol desert eagle often used in rap. See desert eagle
"when i pull my des hegal out his life peace out"
by GIGGLES March 05, 2005
Kick-ass, cool, dope, killer, awesome, sweet, ect ect.....
God, that guy's ride is eventual.
by Giggles November 12, 2003

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