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A fucking kick ass band! They don't deserve all that shit that they're getting from people that don't know good music. They are NOT emo, goth, or vampires. They are very orignal and I think one of the best bands. Gerard Way is not a freak, & writes fucking good lyrics. & All those people that only know one or two songs, better go listen to ALL of their songs before calling yourself a true fan. & FUCK YOU if you don't like them. Have a nice day. =)

ohhh & ps. i found this online. some girl who is ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD wrote this. & i found it deserbing.
11 year old: OMFG. GERALD'gay fags that think they are true fans sometimes call gerard gerald' IS SO FLIPPING HOTTT & SEXYY!! I WOULD SO DO HIM! I WANNA HAVE HIS BABIESSS!!!!1111Ononeone!!! & I LOVE THAT BAND HIS IN!! I THINK ITS UHm.. chemical romance? my chemical romance? ohh it doesn't matter. he's still hott & i still wanna have his babiessssss. :]

me: =0 wow. you're really fucking retarted.

that needs to stop. gerard is probably grossed out by that.
by gianna [graveside] September 19, 2006

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