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The prefix added to a word to make it manlier, as in manpurse (a manly purse), manswer (a manly answer) and mancave (a manly cave or place for a group of men).

Special note: Sometimes it is necessary to replace the first syllable of the word for man- as in the example, manwich, a manly sandwich which contains a unusual amount of meat.
Sally: Geez Joe, do you always masterbate in a pool of sharks while juggling flaming chainsaws?

Joe: Don't you know anything? I'm not masterbating, I'm MAN-sterbating!
by ghostsquad October 06, 2011
It is the accumulation of semen originating from several gay men after a large orgy, blended with milk, ice and your favorite fruit.
Joe: Fabio, what is in this smoothie?
Fabio: Why do you like it?
Joe: Ehh its a little salty.
Fabio: Thats because a couple of my friends made a fruit smoothie last night.
by ghostsquad October 06, 2011

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