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3 definitions by ghm-327

Romnenomics refers to the out-of-touch business-minded people who demand Americans invest in their products while they make products outside the country and hide profits offshore in order to dodge taxes.
"Bain Capital maintains at least 138 Cayman Island bank accounts thats what i call 'Romnenomics'."
by ghm-327 July 20, 2012
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A person that only uses Facebook on a Phone, cant keep up with anything and is always asking out-of-touch questions.

Or flat out ignoring everything on Facebook while constantly posting personal events as if they are on Twitter.
"I'm really getting tired of all the PhoneBookers who post what they are eating for dinner, but what really gets to me is all the Phonebookers who comment, "WHERE CAN I BUY THIS" every time i post a photo to something in my ETSY shop because they cant find the links on a FN phone!"
by ghm-327 November 30, 2012
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A combination of the word Theocracy, religious rule, and the word Idiocracy, rule by stupidity.
The head of the American Family Association has proposed Government forced church attendance. Welcome to the Idiotheocracy!
by ghm-327 July 06, 2012
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