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4 definitions by ghettobootybuttslut

a mystical creature that is as beautiful as it is witty. The awesome awesomeness flows from this creature like glitter at a sweet sixteen party. They're great with making friends and usually have dark hair. They can be quiet at times but, given the chance to party... they will... Some have dry senses of humor and can be confused easily... that's part of the humor. Chaymes are Chuck Norris cool with a better rack.
Wow, that creature just quoted Homer Simpson, gave my computer more memory, and successfully told a poop/sex story, I think that was a Chayme.
by ghettobootybuttslut March 07, 2010
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one that does not wash his hands after restroom privileges, and puts those contaminated hands on everything in the office.
Dude, I wouldn't eat the salsa, Poop Mitts has been in there.
by ghettobootybuttslut September 23, 2009
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The occupant of the office closest to the bathroom, where people needing to take a crap have to wait until the occupant vacates the office, to avoid the embarassment of bathroom noises being overheard.
I shouldn't of eaten those chili-cheese fries last night, Kourtney, the Poopy Cube Keeper, never left his office, so I had to crap my pants. Curses, Pooply Cube Keeper, Curses!
by ghettobootybuttslut September 23, 2009
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When a man drinks jag till he pukes, blackouts at the bar, wakes up naked with his roomates dick smelling like black licorice.
Dude, last night was killer, I snafugameister'd Bob and now we are dating.
by ghettobootybuttslut March 25, 2009
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