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5 definitions by ghetto gossip girl

a Jeep-brand car driven by the coolest, most down to earth, chick out there. often called the fun wagon. Jeepie's trunk is usually filled with random items such as lawn ornaments, swivel chairs, clothing, cones, blankets, food, and/or 100 pairs of shoes. there is always food in this car, along with neon straws. this car can drive super fast and is usually parked perfectly. don't mess with this car. it will rock your shit.
Person: look at that kick ass car!!!
Other Person: Cha that's totally Jeepie.
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009
the mix of the words


pretty much it's a person named ross who is a total stoner. he also smokes and drinks. buys cigarettes for younger kid and in the end is really jolly. rosstafarians are very happy and nice to everyone.

commonly liking ketchup.

drives a blue car or a green wrangler.
Dude I want some cigarettes so bad, too bad I'm too young.

It's ok look at the rosstafarian, I bet he'll buy us some.
by ghetto gossip girl July 11, 2009
a girl of usually 13 or 14 years of age. usually wearing skanky clothing and walking around the town at late hours of the night. their hair often looks stringy and somewhat resembles a rats nest. also one might engage in sexual relations with older men. often walking in groups of 'prostitots'.
Mom: Did you see that young girl on the street? It's like 2 a.m.!!!
Child: Yea, it's sad, she's a total prostitot
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009
to mob is to drive around town. it doesn't even matter the type of car you drive, just the fact that you are driving. mobbing can be done by stoners, preps, outcasts, cheerleaders, nerd, or whom ever wants to.
<On the phone> Hey what are you doing?
<Answers back> Oh just mobbing around? You?
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009
A town in Montana with a kick ass bar. 13 people live in the town, but the ones that do are saweeeeet. they party super hard and don't give a shit what other people think. most people come there to eat or mostly drink at the Griz. Where the term, "where the hell is Roscoe?" was coined.
Where are we?
Dude we're in Roscoe can't you tell by the bar?
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009