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One of the most famous hacking organizations to ever exist on the internet.

They defaced over 5000 websites (verifiable on zone-h), rooted over 1000 servers (again, see zone-h), recorded over 30 hours of teamspeak takeovers, published over 200 serious (srs biz) exploits on milw0rm, destroyed Hal Turner's life, and were the "hackers on steroids" mentioned in CNN's video. They defaced zetaboards and invisionfree's main sites. They defaced indymedia. They have inspired and destroyed over 20 other hacking organizations. They frequently harassed CNN and g00n z3r0 had normal conversations with the famous rapper Ludacris.

Although g00ns was itself hacked in 2008 by zf0 (an underground hacking organization) it was due to the fact that the group had already died internally. They met with zf0 (who are pretty cool guys) and most are currently going about their lives as normal citizens. (seeing as how they're all adults now)

g00ns was interesting because of it's elite members, entrance requirements, rigid command structure, and aggressive mentality. Members applied and had to submit verifiable real-life information and meet with a contact in real life. Most hacking organizations just require a valid email, lol.

The command structure was based on a mix of seniority, productiveness, and how much everyone liked you. All members had to be at least 18 years of age (2 exemptions were made in g00ns history for extremely prodigious members whose names I won't say.

The organization thoroughly enjoyed destroying other hacking organizations and perhaps was ultimately chosen for destruction because of this. Skullz clan, 5 stars, n0ths, thedefaced, and various others were among their victims.

Thedefaced later established a strange love-hate relationship with the g00ns and even contributed to their community and were hosted on g00ns irc during a bad ddos. (they owned n0ths a few times, which was pretty lulworthy) I for one hoped if anything ever happened to us, thedefaced would take over in our place as they were less gay than most other people. They're pretty inactive right now... I hope to see them do better in the future.

N0ths later did many lulzy things like own thedefaced and bradman. They still get up to some pretty cheeky shenanigans but are for the most part inactive.

Skullz clan was absorbed by g00ns but was full of fail and aids and only produced two members who did anything useful. They were, however, very useful. Skullz clan is currently dead.

They're often compared to gnaa and myg0t but this doesn't make sense as g00ns were not game hackers.

5 stars was never heard from again.

G00n's only friends were illm0b. (shouts to reZen, pingywon, and illwill)

g00ns will remain in memory to most who met them as heartless, destructive, assholes. Please remember it was all in the name of lulz.

Below is a list of various g00ns and community members who weren't fags.

Shouts to g00ns and everyone else in the scene. fish (still grounded?), scuzz(WETWEAT!), sick(kicked off the football team), cele(g00n cele speaking), redcoat(english twat), z3r0(star wars!), grumpy(bicyclist extraordinaire), murderskillz(fucking metal pyro), z0rke(sup bro lol), reyerico(one of the best ragers I've ever met), arya(med school), spic (WHEREVER YOU ARE), 0ptix(GOD DAMN HORNETS), d0ct0r(talking to you on aim), pr0ct0r(talking to you on aim), canuck(still making videos?), slimenim(canaderr), ketin(didnt know you that well), MILF (<3), glyphed(funny guy), static(I thought you sounded just like wicked), wicked(SAFETY FIRST), zodiac(spicsawhitehat), gh0st(fat crow LOL), nightsins(dirty old canuck), rusty, fury(stop smoking so much), angyl(fag <3), xenocide (kelpy had one eye, bro), pr0be(my favorite beaner), trintitty(sms bombs own), riot(gayngyl fucked around on you, bro), typo(another english twat), jewy(ts hacker), pink(<3), j_dizzle(lulz), kutmaster(sup kurt), junk, overdose(speedhead haha), clorox(keep right, brother), mayo(in your fucking hair), seven(aim hacker extraordinaire), banx(fat hawaiian LOL), vipsta(.net is the future) and anyone I missed.

Also, shouts to everyone in thedefaced and n0ths. I hope you guys are all doing well.

It's hard to believe it's over and I don't talk to any of you anymore. If any of you had intel on me, I moved, but you can hit me up on aim @ dreadedcrow16
The g00ns will be missed. Don't stop believin'.
by gh0st aka the fat crow July 17, 2009

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