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2 definitions by gguuyyguygguuyy

A sexual fetish act where a submissive woman's ass is playfully tanned by a dominant man for both their pleasure. However, if both the man and the woman aren't consenting adults, it becomes ABUSE and is ILLEGAL

Spanking can either be bare handed or with a spanking implement like a hairbrush

Spanking can either be over the knee or on a spanking horse. It can also be used as a non-sexual disciplinary measure.
My husband spanked me real hard yesterday night and I can't sit down today.

The hot chick I took home yesterday night was acting up so I took her in hand and spanked her sweet ass and she loved it.
by gguuyyguygguuyy January 16, 2010
When a man bends a woman over and f*cks her in her ass. He usually steers and controls her by squeezing her t*ts or pulling her hair.
My man is so masterful and controlling, we only ever have sex doggy style. He loves riding me and finishes up by cuming all over my ass.
by gguuyyguygguuyy January 16, 2010