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8 definitions by ggirlbldr1

(verb) Furiate: Furiate, furiated, furiates:
Urinating when aggressively angry or ...pissed off.
After drinking a few too many beers and starting an argument, Jason was kicked out of the bar, so he went around back and furiated all over the wall in retaliation.
by ggirlbldr1 January 26, 2013
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Misinterpretated (verb)

To pretend to know the meaning of a word and incorrectly use, explain or define it to others.
After Jimmy explained that his boss presented the material in a languid manner, Sally, having no clue but wanting to sound educated, nodded and misinterpretated to her friends that she didn't like bosses who used too many words either.
by ggirlbldr1 March 17, 2013
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Boulder Fat

Boulder fat describes someone who is of average weight but considered fat by Boulder standards.
Missy, who is training for a her first 10K, isn't as waif-like as the other runners who live in Boulder, one of the fittest cities in the nation. Despite being in shape and at a normal weight, everyone in the group knows she's Boulder fat.
by ggirlbldr1 February 23, 2013
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Didicktic (adjective)

Inclined to instruct or lecture others on the art of being a jerk.

Teaching others how to behave like a dick.

Didicktics (noun)

The art or science of being a dick or a jerk.
James, in his overly didicktic way, slurred his weekly bar-side lesson on "how to pick up hot chicks" to his droopy-eyed, drunken audience, complete with a demonstration of pinching a fine specimen on her ass, followed by a quick pop-quiz on what to do after being slapped across the face in public.
by ggirlbldr1 March 15, 2013
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A research and experimental strategy developed by a group of women who have reached maximum annoyance due to sloppy men hitting on them at bars and nightclubs.

The project involves various methods of avoiding or otherwise pushing obnoxious boozers away, either individually or with the help of other women. When carried out with the help of others, the project is usually tipped off by a predetermined signal or phone call to friends.
Jessica employed the manshunting project when a carouser, reeking of too much aftershave and hooch, stumbled up to her at the bar. She quickly brought her cell phone to her ear and pretended to take an important call while her two friends obstructed the guy's path by dancing wildly in front of him, causing him to stagger in the opposite direction and land in the lap of a largely-built weight lifter.
by ggirlbldr1 February 24, 2013
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Marathin (adj)

Uncharacteristically thin due to marathon training.
Paul, a distance runner who weighs about as much as a napkin, isn't just thin, with the 120 miles a week he's logging each week, he's marathin.
by ggirlbldr1 February 23, 2013
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Chocolavoire (n)

Someone or something whose diet consists mostly of chocolate, cocoa or chocolate-flavored foods and beverages.

Not to be confused with a chocoholic, whose addiction is mild compared to a chocolavoire.

Chocolavorous (adj)

Eating primarily chocolate with little consumption of anything else.
Frank, a chocolavoire by nature, hoarded Dove dark chocolate bars in his desk drawer at work and couldn't start the day without a cup of hot cocoa.
by ggirlbldr1 February 23, 2013
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