3 definitions by gg1

someone who spies others members in the showers in public places... swimming baths, schools etc. Not neccessarily a scotcher but certainly someone with the idea of a job in a fudge factory.
that Elliots a proper cock watcher, he burnt a hole in my bell with his leering.
by gg1 September 23, 2010
homosexual man
look at that fanny wearing pink, he's a reet scotcher
by gg1 September 23, 2010
1. An insult used by people as a synonym for themselves

2. Happy

3. Homosexual
1. Your gay. GAAAAY. Your gay i saw you holding hands GEEEEEY

2. Back in the gay old times

3. (in a gay bar) I wouldn't tie your shoelaces here, love
by gg1 September 23, 2010

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