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When a person lol's so hard they have a gasm with a plane/copter nearby
"Omg! He got pwned by a lvl 3! Lolgasmcopterplane!"
by gfjkg April 21, 2008
When in runescape you get pwned by a lvled 2 rat with 1 hp left! =ppppp
P0mg i got pwned by a rat!! Meld00m!!!!
by gfjkg April 28, 2008
When you stand on a bridge in runescape
Lol! Im standin on a bridge in rs!! Standbridge ftw!
by gfjkg April 22, 2008
When a person who is a noob is a jew
Lol!! noob alert..a jewish noob! J00N00b
by gfjkg April 21, 2008
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