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A malevolent school curriculum that gives you no choice in what you want learn at school (The ib state that there is more choice than A-levels, no matter how many times they say this it will never be true). You are asked (forced) to take 6 subjects (3 at higher & 3 at lower), and on top of that you MUST ''participate'' in a subject (whether you like it or not) called theory of knowledge, this is complete and utter bull**** as you will have to write a essay of ~1400 words, as if thats not enough you will have to do a 40 minute presentation on a ''controversial'' issue, as can be seen theory of knowledge is a waste of time, and on top of all this you have to do coursework for every other lesson.

They add the word ''Diploma'' to make it sound more prestigious, where in actual fact it is roughly the same as 3-4 A-levels, this can be seen as a form of psycological bribary (fooling someone in to something that isnt as good as it sounds).

Other bull**** in the ib include the 4000 word essay, CAS (this isnt as bad though) and a truck load of oral commentaries.

Any one who has been involved in/with the ib for more than a week will usually result to finding loop holes out of the tasks assigned and find something more useful to do (something not related to the ib), in a frequent scenario students result to plagiarism and paying large deals of money for someone else to do the work for you.

If you have a choice DONT'T DO THE ib
My parents gave me the option A-levels or ib, I chose A-levels immediately (but parents disagree, and choose the ib ''diploma''

I'm in the ib, therefore only half my work is genuine

The ib is bull****

ib is an excuse for smart people to say that they are doing something harder and more challenging than A levels (the difference is very slim, its just there is heavier work load in the ib)
by gf66 August 07, 2010

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