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A very jubilant exclamation made when you are extremly happy and have no word to describe the feeling.
Mom: Schools cancelled today because of the snow
Child: WEEHA!
by getwiththefuture April 06, 2009
A short hairstyle consisting of little or no hair, think of any older school hip hop fro, shorter and feminized, gray or white, or pastel forms of hair colors in color, Sometimes seen with tight to loose curls or simply just a puff of hair. Usually worn by almost every older woman still alive, Requires maintanence of a daily repuffing trip to the beauty salon, and are known as "the regulars" at a salon. A young beauticians worst nightmare.
When I'm old I'll never have a granny fro, I'll keep my hair long!
by getwiththefuture April 06, 2009
A move with a cross between two moves, done much like the pounding of fists like giving someone some dog, and the second of like a chest slam. When two girls arch their backs and touch boobs in an action much like that, Whilst screaming in a half sarcastic half valley girl accent "NIPPLE TOUCH!" A BFF Move between two girls.
Ashley: I got us tickets to that show you were so excited about!
Kaleigh: No way!?!

by getwiththefuture April 06, 2009

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