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Shitload means to have a lot of something, but the actual amount varies. To figure out how much is in a shitload you must follow a few steps.

1. pick an item - ex) pretzels
2. make it singular - ex) pretzel
3. figure out how many letters in in that word - ex) 7
4. multiply that number by 6 - ex) 7x6=42
5. it takes 42 pretzels to make a shitload of them!

It varies because if the word were short like car, it would be 3x6=18.

babies -> baby -> 4 -> 4x6= 24 babies

trees -> tree -> 4 -> 4x6= 24 trees

stop signs -> stop sign -> 8 -> 8x6=48 stop signs
by getinbelly March 21, 2010
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