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Lovely seaside town in the north east of England, partly inhabbited By the dregs of the dregs of societies, but luckley they are all isolated to a small area called "THE LAKES" (under no circumstances should you find yourself in the The Lakes, it will not end well for you. the only exception to this is if you are in need of stolen good or drugs), the locals have been found straying outside of The Lakes in reacent years bring down the local area.

Other highlighs:

virtual shopping (empty shops with fake shop front, making the high street look full).

Beautiful Walks along the wind swept beach with views of Europes biggest chemicle plant and steel works.

newly modenised sea font with the world first and last Verticle Pier.

unforgettable night life where local customs dictate you drink yourself stupid and bottle anyone looking at you/ or anyone thought to be looking at you/ anyone. and that you find yourself an over wight middle aged woman, who will do anything you want for a cider and back, as long as you dont mind the smell of stale cigarettes and six illegitimate children in the next room.

tourist information has been closted since 1997 but do not fear there is an excessive amount of street wardens to be found around Redcar, they do not know much about what there jobs entails but they do love the power the Hi-vis stab vests seem to give them.
The main employer in Redcar is the Jobcentre wheather that is claming child benefits or job seekers allowance all are welcome here, in the most used buliding in Redcar outside of all the Pubs that fill one whole end of the high street.
by get me out of this place February 01, 2013

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