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merrimack,nh. also known as m-town is a small town in new hampshire whose largest building is a rundown warehouse that is their poor excuse for a high school. the high school has about 1500 students who dread each morning because the school is over run with tyranical oppressive teachers whose only hope for a raise relies on the sophmore class to do well on state testing. this school has air conditioning in about 2 rooms in the entire 2 and a half floor building. amazingly this school manages to get worse every year because the administration feel it necessary to take everything away from the students that they enjoy( spirit week, food in class , ect) by introducing retarded policies each year.the school parking is a joke, even though the students out number the teachers by about 1400 people, the teachers still have the largest parking lot forcing the students to park at the near by skate park or behind the stores of a few kind business owners. the students at the school fall into two main categorys: prep and poser-goth-wannabe-emo-kids. there are also the small minority of white kids who like to dress and act "gansta" by wearing g-unit, ecko ect... the population of the school is 99% white, 1 percent divided between black and spanish. there is absolutly nothing to do in any part of merrimack whatsoever. good alternatives for moving to merrimack: rat poison, shotgun to face, consistent beating of head into rock wall!!!!
boy: hey man , im moving to merrimack this summer!!
friend: drink this pesticide, you'll thank me later.
by get me out of hear June 19, 2006

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