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A German is somebody who is from germany, that is a little country in the center of europe it called by themselves Deutschland.
They are not at all a nazis!! The german popolution hates them and called them "ugly pigs".
At the votes the nazis just got something under 2% and thats just because a lot of people think that the economy is bad because there are a lot of foreigner in the country.
Soccer is the germans favorite sport and they have very good beer!
Germans can drink wine and beer with 16years and high %stuff like wodka or whiskey with 18.
Germans are nice people and not aggressive or all time bad. They have a very big social network that keeps u from the baddest poor or helps u to don`t get homeless.
Germans give every year a lot of money to other countrys to help them in their econemy, only the netherlands spend more money for that in europe.
German hates the british people more than the french.

Germans are good people with a hard but nice language!
german: "Hi, I`m thoms and I`m from germany"
dude: "oh so u are a german"

by german dude!! December 31, 2005

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